Tracking and personalisation

Facebook app

Personyze helps you efficiently draw visitors to your website and increase goals by taking advantage of your visitor's social networking and converting them into your marketers.

You place a Facebook application in your website. When your visitors' authorize it, Personyze connects to their Facebook account and obtains all the information in their account, such as gender, age, interests, and much more, allowing you to offer them highly relevant content; Personyze can also post messages in their Facebook wall, showing highly targeted information to their friends.

WordPress plug-in

Personyze allows you segment your blog's visitors and create personalisation Actions based on those Segments. Personyze plug-in for WordPress allows you to have multiple versions of a same page and multiple themes.

Using Personyze you can, for example, show a different language version of the page based on a visitor's geographical location or language preferences; apply different themes to different people; show completely different articles to people whose interests are different, and a lot more.

Email Integration

In order to assist website owners with the segmentation & personalization of their websites for visitors arriving from email campaigns and newsletters, Personyze teamed up with two of largest email campaign managementproviders of the industry - ConstantContact and MailChimp

If you are currently managing your email campaigns via one of these two providers you can now significantly enhance your visitors' experience, when they enter your website after clicking on a link in an email, by personalizing your Web pages based on that link.

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