Email personalization

Maximize your email campaigns' efficiency


Email personalization is the best way to improve conversion from email campaigns and newsletters. It is a two-step process: first you want the recipient to open the email, and second you want to achieve the email's objective, such as placing an order or signing-up to a newsletter.

Personalized emails

If you are using email campaigns, whether to preserve contact with existing customers or to attract new ones, you surely know that a personal and relevant message is much more efficient than a generic one.

  • For someone who has purchased from you in the past, "Dear Mike" has a much higher conversion rate that "Dear reader" and if Mike has purchased an iPhone, then "Dear Mike, we have a great offer for iPhone accessories" has a much higher conversion than "we have a great offer for a makeup kit".
  • For someone who receives your newsletter and is a know Manchester United fan, "read the latest interview with Manchester United's coach" has a much higher response rate than "read the latest football interviews".

Personalized visit to the website

But, what happens after Mike arrives to your website? Personyze will let you extend the personalized experience that started with a personalized email into the website, with personalized pages, content and ads, based on everything we know about Mike.

For example, you could welcome Mike with a personalized message such as "Welcome back, Mike, we have a special offer for accessories for your iPhone" and show him ad banners with products in which he will be interested, rather than showing him irrelevant ads or asking him to sign-up for the newsletter again.

Personyze lets you personalize you website based on email campaigns without any programming or coding, and you can create variations and test which one works best. Integratation with email marketing management services MailChimp and ConstantContact, allows you to define segments based on the email campaign from which they arrived and on the exact link they clicked inside the email message.

Send personalized massages by analyzing your site and/or your CRM data in real-time and automatically send emails 

Personyze ability to integrate into one view CRM/back-office data together with your website analytics data, enables creating a powerful “data hub” for your transactional, operational and marketing needs .Personyze lets you define sets of rules and conditions that, whenever matched by a visitor or client , will trigger sending an automated custom email message to the visitor's email. 

For example, you could send to every visitor that just registered to the newsletter, an email with a special price offer for the products they have just  recently browsed once the price of a certain product he showed interest in was lowered dramatically; or, you could send to visitors that started to fill an order form but didn't complete it, an email (scheduled to two days later) reminding them to complete their order or offering them to contact them.) you can send a email to  once the price of a certain product he showed interest in was lowered dramatically 

You can use Personyze Broadcast manger to send Transactional email ,For example when a credit card charge was denied or  confirmation for order booking.

  • Personalization
  • Actionable Data
  • Key Benefits

Personalization is based on segments. Segments are defined as a combination of conditions that include demographic data, referring email campaign, referring websites, keywords searched, links clicked, pages visited, interaction with the website and more.

  • Text replacement allows you to display "Hello Mike" instead of "Dear customer".
  • Display product recommendations based on previous purchases.
  • Promote content based on the visitor's favorite writers or unread articles by favorite category.
  • Display addresses and phone numbers relevant to the visitor's location.
  • Upgrade the visitor's subscription based on their existing subscription.
  • Send condition-based automated emails in response to behavior in the website
  • Personyze collects visitors' demographic information, products viewed, purchases made, interaction with the website, and much more.
  • Use the visitors' information to measure the efficiency of your email campaigns.
  • Use the visitors' information to create a rich profile that will allow you to further personalize future email campaigns as well as the content and ads displayed in the website.
  • Enhance user experience and engagement.
  • Increase brand loyalty.
  • Reduce emails that are classified as spam.
  • Improve email campaigns' conversion rates.
  • Codeless implementation.
  • A complete suite of analytics, segmentation, personalization, testing and optimization.



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