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  • Personalization
    Real time personalization for different visitor segments with zero IT involvement. Enhance conversions by delivering
    personalized and relevant content.

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  • 	See the forest and the trees
            Drill down from macro to micro to see
            the full picture at the individual visitor level.
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  • 	Facebook Integration
            Create segments and actions using 
            Facebook demographic user data and
            spread the word on Facebook walls.
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  • 	Running test on all your visitors?
            Run tests only on related segments.
            See which variations achieve the best
            results for each segment.
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  • 	Proactive analytics
            Stop looking at static data: create segments and
            personalization actions from the reports.
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  • About Personyze
  • How it works?
  • Key Benefits
  • Clients & Partners

Personyze offers the most advanced SaaS platform in the market for real-time Visitor Segmentation and Website Personalization.

Personyze was founded in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in web analysis and advertising who realized that websites should be able to offer their visitors an experience that is significantly more personal and relevant to their needs.

Websites who use Personyze see a dramatic improvement in their engagement with online visitors, while increasing retention and conversion rates.


Whenever a visitor enters your website, Personyze examines to which segment they belong and displays a tailored version of the website to each visitor, providing a highly relevant and engaging user experience that significantly increases user satisfaction, conversion and revenue.

Implementing Personyze in your website is absolutely simple: just copy a short snippet of code and paste it into the head of your website's master page. That's it! You can now see real-time, live traffic reports and start personalizing your website per visitor.


  Codeless Personalization & Quick Setup, cost effective solution suitable for all websites
  Increase conversion rates by providing visitors what they need / what they are looking for
  Get social - post on visitors wall, tweet them and more
  Do it yourself - test and optimize content and style, no programming needed
  Offline tracking - measure effectiveness of campaigns resulting in offline sales
  Move from viewing raw data to actionable data that drives business results
  50+ metrics out of the box (including Facebook social data)
  Add “custom event” tracking without changing the site’s code
  AdWords integration allows optimizing PPC campaigns per segment